Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A view from paradise

So I went on a bicycle ride today, and stumbled upon False Bay at a super minus tide. When the tide is low enough, False Bay drains almost all the way to the straits, and you're left with a mile of sand and tide pools. It's one of the coolest things ever, and probably incredibly rare. I had to go take a photo of it, but all I had was my phone.

But on my phone I had the incredible app, 360 Panorama! It basically combines a ton of photos into a 360 degree panoramic, including above and below you. You can then view it as a virtual world kind of, it's a sphere that you can "look" around in by moving your phone around. It's hard to explain so just look the app up, it's incredible.

It can also make the "mini planet" effect, which in the app is called stereographic, which I don't believe is the right term because a Stereograph was a form of photography in the late 1800s and early 1900s that combined two photos to create a 3D illusion. But anyway, the app can make the little planet effect, which is freaking awesome!

Once I exported the picture, I put them into Snapseed and did two edits. One was just a simple enhancement of shadows, saturation, etc. I also made a blurred vignette for that edit. Once exported, I used that as a base edit for applying the Retrolux effect. I loved how what the effect did to the sky, but not what it did to the "planet." I couldn't combine the two images on my phone, so I moved over to my laptop. I made a screen recording of my edit.

You can see me derp and few times, such as when I try to paint black on an already black layer mask. But over all it's a good representation of my work flow for a  lot of images. You also get to see a sneak peak at one of the photos from the Utah trip right when I open Ps. Almostt doneeee.

See you tomorrow!

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